Books New & Found

Inklings-2021-Flyer-8This past weekend at the Inklings Festival, Darkly Bright Press released Dreamt in Fire: The Dreadful Ecstasy of Arthur Machen as a limited edition anthology. The Hardcover Edition is now Out of Print. (Some copies may still be available at Eighth Day Books.) Some remaining copies of the Paperback Edition can be purchased from the Catalog.

Additionally, four copies of the limited Levavi Oculos chapbook have surfaced. Richard Rohlin’s wonderful lecture on this story has increased demand. Don’t wait to buy!

Visit the Eighth Day Institute to read a brief essay on Machen. Additionally, you will find an article excerpted from A Reader of Curious Books.

More on the Inklings Festival coming soon… But for now…


Four new poems from Joshua Alan Sturgill:

Another Dream of Yellow Millet
A System of Cross-Referenced Files
But If It Dies

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