Dreamt in Fire…

inklings-soft-1…and there came to me a certain vision of a real world about us all the while, of a language that was only secret because we would not take the trouble to listen to it and discern it.”

Darkly Bright Press offers a new volume of stories and essays from the apostle of wonder. The literature of Arthur Machen is always an exploration into sacrament and landscape, replete with complex symbology. Dreamt in Fire: The Dreadful Ecstasy of Arthur Machen has been compiled and arranged to present an expansive survey of the master’s work without resorting to the over-anthologized texts found so easily in other collections. This goal of gathering “fresh” material while remaining representative of the writer’s long career illustrates a brilliant arc of depth and wonder.

Conceived as a companion piece to the upcoming Machen lectures, this collection will be released at the 2021 Inklings Festival in Wichita, Kansas as a limited edition of 50 copies.


Joshua Alan Sturgill: The Sea is Nothing & Nile

Mark Mosley:
When The Dying Are Unveiled
III: Burning Up

IV: Decensus

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