Battles Temporal & Spiritual

Whereunto Shall I Liken This Generation? by Joshua Alan Sturgill



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle guides into the frigid wastes on an expedition of horror in The Captain of the “Pole-Star.”


md9200626594The War Behind The War: So all through the book Mr. Hind sees the temporal conflict as the mere veil of the eternal battle; and thus, I say, that he has been afforded a great and singular privilege: that is, he has written the book which our Bishops should have written. Presumably; it is their business, or a chief part of their business, as pontiffs of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to discern things eternal in things temporal, to proffer the clear lamp of eternal light to those who go down into the thick darkness of the battle. However, they have not quite seen their duty in this aspect…

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