A Midsummer’s Night Reading

1910px-Kew_Gardens_Palm_House,_London_-_July_2009Kew Gardens: Photo by David Iliff 


Always to the Clouds by Joshua Alan Sturgill


At Chrighton Abbey by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Death in some form or otheron too many occasions a violent deathhad come between the heir and his inheritance. And when I pondered on the dark pages in the story of the house, I used to wonder whether my cousin Fanny was ever troubled by morbid forebodings about her only and fondly loved son. Was there a ghost at Chrightonthat spectral visitant without which the state and splendour of a grand old house seem scarcely complete? …


A Leap into Midsummer: This week, we offer a forgotten news article by Machen and a delightful essay on the Little People.

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