A New Pilgrimage Begins…


From December 2020 to September 2021, Darkly Bright Press serialized The Pilgrimage, a long-form poetry project by Phillip Neal Tippin. This week, we happily announce the commencement of Book II.

The Trees by Joshua Alan Sturgill


220px-Luise,_Erzherzogin_von_Österreich-ToskanaThe Apologia of Princess: It is impossible, of course, to form a judgement on the story that follows. The Princess’s tale is none too clear; she talks of enemies in high places, of spies, of malignant and concocted scandals, of curtains moving gently in her apartment, of shadowy forms slinking away from her boudoir door. It seems clear that the Tuscan princess was “free and easy,” and the Court of Dresden was the reverse of free and easy. The reigning family, according to the author, is dévote: she, as we have seen, does not like many rosaries in a house. …

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