Every Good Ghostly Tale

Kirk 31 May 1985 photo by Dale Nelson


Russell Kirk: Inkling Without the Inklings by Dale Nelson

This week we are pleased to present an article on the Conservative theorist and ghost story writer Russell Kirk. In 1985, Dale Nelson met and interviewed Kirk. During the conversation, the author discussed his purpose in writing speculative literature: “My uncanny tales are intended to wake the moral imagination.”


Prima Causa by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 2 by Phillip Neal Tippin


170px-Anna_Pavlova_as_the_Dying_SwanThe “Language” of the Dance: And the music swelled and grew and died with strange cadences; and I felt, as I say, that here something of the ancient world had been recovered, that one could understand the secret significance of such worlds as nymph and faun, of all the wonderful fairy-tales in which the old peoples told the truth.

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