Post-Inklings Book Report

GMBooks, Beer and Friendship… Once again, the Eighth Day Institute presented a wonderful weekend for lovers of literature at the Inklings Octoberfest. This year, Dr. Geoffrey Reiter and Richard W. Rohlin provided insightful lectures on George MacDonald and the changing intellectual and spiritual landscape of his time. In addition to discussing this important author, the festival was an opportunity for friends to gather and enjoy community.

This type of experience cannot be recommended strenuously enough. It is a balm to weary souls in a noisy and chaotic world. Consider joining.

At this year’s event, Darkly Bright Press released three books.

3 books

Akboritha by Richard W. Rohlin: The second impression is now available.

Mist and Mystery: Recovered Stories and Essays by Arthur Machen

Now A Major Motion Picture, the second poetry collection by Joshua Alan Sturgill is already out of stock. A new production run will be printed in the coming weeks. Likewise, his first collection, As Far As I Can Tell, is also temporarily out of stock. Some copies of both collections may still be available from Eighth Day Books.

Additionally, both A Secret Language and Dreamt in Fire by Arthur Machen are now Out of Print. Again, the few remaining copies may still be found at Eighth Day Books.

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