Books for the Moral Imagination

GMAt the 2022 Inklings Festival, I gave a brief talk entitled Publishing for the Moral Imagination. Its goal is to provide an apologetic for Darkly Bright Press and discuss how the most recent publications fulfill the mission.

3 books

Akboritha by Richard W. Rohlin

Mist and Mystery: Recovered Stories and Essays by Arthur Machen

Now A Major Motion Picture by Joshua Alan Sturgill is currently out of stock. Some copies may be available from Eighth Day Books.


Where (Not) To Look by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 16 by Phillip Neal Tippin


Happy ReleaseMan-Size in Marble by E. Nesbit: An ancient horror haunts a young married couple.


The Joy of London II: The boy reads of swords, and perhaps has a toy sword as a plaything, a “sword” becomes to him almost a symbol and a sacrament, something; splendid and terrific and vague like “Bagdad” and “Rome” and “martyr.” He comes up to London and sees the Guards at Whitewall; awful figures, all shining and scarlet, with actual drawn swords in their hands, glittering, and terrible, and eloquent of sudden death. And faith is realised, and more than realised.

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