World of Spirits

In about 100 words, Dale Nelson gives us a seasonally appropriate short, short story.

World of Spirits
By Dale Nelson

220px-Marley's_Ghost-John_Leech,_1843The first spirit showed him himself as a boy absorbed by Pac-Man.  He didn’t want to go outside and play.  The second spirit showed him his present-day self, hunched over in his cubicle.  Olivia walked sadly past him.  The third spirit showed mourners glancing at their smartphones as a coffin was lowered.

Must these things be?” he cried to the mute and terrible form. 

He woke.  Snow-light shone up into his bedroom.  He leaped out of bed and flung up his window.

Merry Christmas!” he cried to the street where no one passed.  They were all inside with their devices.

Copyright 2022 by Dale Nelson. All rights reserved.


Inherence / Repercussion by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 21 by Phillip Neal Tippin


Coventry_Broadgate_1917What Pays In Coventry: And in the heart of the town, high on the hill, there are two great churches in a kind of close, within a few yards of one another. The larger is cathedral-like in its it proportions—I believe it has of late become—a cathedral—and each church sends up a noble spire, the flame of the old devotion and adoration aspiring upward: for in those days the very stones changed their natural substance and became fire and light.

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