The Light of the World


12th Annual Eighth Day Feast of the Nativity
Friday, December 30, 2022 – 6pm

Join the Eighth Day Institute Today.


There Was No Beginning by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 23 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Let Him Have Dominion by Rafael Pereira Bianchin


What Is “The Book of the Year”?: So two theologians—Anglican and Roman—a playwright and an all-around man of letters, are agreed that the past year has given us nothing of the highest value in literature. They do not exactly say, after the manner of Titus, the delight of the human race: “Friends, we have lost a year!” but, if we may translate their answers into terms of prophecy, they are clear that in 2011—to say nothing of 3011—no book of this present year will shine aureoled and hallowed, a possession for ever.

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