New to the Darkly Bright Catalog:

Burr web cover

Chasing the Burr by Bryn Homuth is now available for purchase.


Joshua Alan Sturgill: Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 30 by Phillip Neal Tippin

A poem for Candlemas by Benjamin Rozonoyer


AM-halftoneA Queer Creation of a Child of Three: Carlyle once said something which he meant to be very disparaging about the novels and romances of Sir Walter Scott. He declared that they were just the sort of books that seemed to be written to amuse an idle man lying on a sofa; there was no “doctrine” in them, nothing but a sort of soothing draught or opiate for brains too tired and too feeble to grapple with predestination and election and such weighty natters. Now, of course, Carlyle was all wrong about one of the best romance-writers that the world has ever known.

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