The Mysterious Music of Bach…


As Far As I Can Tell, the debut poetry collection by Joshua Alan Sturgill, is now OUT-OF-PRINT. A few remaining copies may be purchased at Eighth Day Books. Sturgill’s latest book, Now A Major Motion Picture, is still available.

Joshua’s newest poem: Disparate


Johann_Sebastian_BachFugues and Fish Heads by Dale Nelson: When Machen wrote of “a highly elaborate and elaborated piece of work, full of the strangest and rarest things,” he was referring to a great romance that he never managed to compose.  But he could have been referring to compositions by Bach.


Marvels of To-Day’s Flower Show: Here was a bank of the richest purple, brilliant to the point of crudity; here were the trumpet notes of scarlet and bright yellow; and opposed to these daring tones were groups of poppies, not only suggesting sleep and quiet and long dreams by their nature, but by those languorous petals that looked like faded ancient silks that had hung for a hundred years in a forgotten cupboard.

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