Update on Machen Books

Congratulations to Richard W. Rohlin on his successful Kickstarter campaign. You can still support his Amboria project.


Reader-CoverA Reader of Curious Books is now out-of-print. This summer, a second edition will be published alongside a new printing of Dreamt in Fire: The Dreadful Ecstasy of Arthur Machen. Both books will include extra material and will be issued in hardcover and paperback formats. For now, Mist and Mystery and The Great Return are still available for purchase.


It Hasn’t Seen by Joshua Alan Sturgill


In a Kentish Hop Garden: Below me the great green hop sea, dipping and rising with the ground, a splendid spectacle of fertility; and everywhere the dark green of the leaf was flecked with the hanging, yellowing clusters. I have seen no richer sight amongst the vineyards of France.

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