When the Moon Threatened the Earth

Menace_from_the_MoonBOOKS AROUND MACHEN

No. 4: The Menace from the Moon: Dale Nelson treats us to a review of a forgotten science fiction novel by Bohun Lynch, Machen’s caricaturist.

Noted Scholar Douglas A. Anderson has published an article on the centenary of The Shining Pyramid by Arthur Machen.


Brief As Memory by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Jesse K. Butler has published at the Blue Unicorn.


The Critics and Mr. Henry James’s Style: The late Mr. George Wyndham once said, and said most beautifully and wisely, that there are certain things which, though perceived by the senses, must be effectually received and laid hold on by faith. These things were, I think, the flaming colour of a rose at dawn, the first kiss of the beloved, and the sudden appearance of an army in array of battle. And to these three objects to be apprehended by faith, I think I must add a fourth— the style of Mr. Henry James.

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