A growing space for exploring the work of the Benson family.

Arthur Christopher Benson


Stories & Books

Out of the Sea: Short story from The Isles of Sunset (1904).

Where No Fear Was (1914) Book-length study on anxiety and fear presented as a free, downloadable PDF.

Correspondence & Ephemera 

Two Letters (1907) High quality scans with transcription and commentary.   NEW

Book Pamphlet (1912) A period trifold advertisement for A. C. Benson books available from New York Publisher Putnam.   NEW

Robert Hugh Benson


The Traveller: Short story from The Light Invisible (1906).

Farrago of Fraud and Fancy: Spiritualism (1909)A critical essay on the dangers of the movement.

Consolatrix Afflictorum: Short story from The Light Invisible (1906). 

Edward Frederic Benson

220px-E._F._BensonMr. Tilly’s Seance: Short story from The Room in the Tower and Other Stories (1912).

Margaret Benson

180px-Margaret_Benson.jpgThe Golden Dahabeah: A Short Story from her collection The Court of the King (1912)  NEW

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