Mark Mosley

Mark Mosely has resided in Wichita, Kansas for almost 30 years with his wife and five children. He serves an emergency medicine physician with a MD from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, a MPH in nutrition from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans after graduating with a BA in English from Baylor University. His poem, “Impressions of Bathing,” won the William Carlos Williams National Medical Student Poetry Contest in 1988. His work is featured in Clearing Paths: A Darkly Bright Anthology of Verse (2021). 

Poetry by Mark Mosley

Lamentations   NEW

Righteous Seed (Holy Monday)   NEW

The Labor  

Aer of Life

When The Dying Are Unveiled
(Four Poems of the Apocalypse )
Part I: Sick of Now
Part II: Battle of Six Feet
Part III: Burning Up
Part IV: Decensus

Passing the Night

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