The Ancient Modern

Step Outside /  Joshua Alan Sturgill                            

Pour the Sahara grain by grain
through the eye of an hourglass,

the Pacific in a trickling stream
over paddles of a millwheel

until time has deconstructed
every star, and drawn the universe

back to its former singularity.
Then might we know: is time 

a residue of motion? or measure 
made by Consciousness?

When the silver veil is lifted
from the Face of Being

will time itself be taken up
and put to other use — the way

we figure space with lines
or square the frames for doors

and windows — time, a straightedge
for the untimed architecture 

of another life?  I step outside 
to watch the Moon arrest 

the orbit of the earth; to watch 
the Sun expend his store of hydrogen.

I ask: who counts the wheel’s turns?  
Who calibrates the hourglass?

Are they the same, the I
already at the Resolution

and the I who waits
within the work of time?

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2022 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.

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