The Roman Road

The Roman Road by Claire Brandenburg
Artifact Series – Assemblage, Mixed Media, (2020)


The Roman Road

Tucked here,
beneath the Roman Road,
moss sprouting along its damp edges,
is the jewel she lost,
tumbling down and lodging in the stone,
1,975 years…ago.

How she grieved!
As it was crafted,
not in this rough place
with strange wild folk,
but by craftsmen
along the wondrous way
to Caesar’s palace.
Civilization abandoned,
along with the golden swan
as the cart
and ground, over the deeply placed stones.

But the treasure was magnified
in simplicity of heart-
and mama duck
            with her goslings
                     waddled about the yard.

The Roman Road (detail)


The Roman Road: $400 + Tax & Shipping.

To purchase, please contact us at


All artwork and poetry: copyright 2021 by Claire Brandenburg

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