Garden of Moral Delights

Darkly Bright Press is a small, independent book publisher with a focus on Uncommon Literature & Liturgical ChristianityInspired by Welsh writer Arthur Machen’s emphasis on ecstasy in literature, our mission is to curate and spotlight such works by past voices and provide a platform for new authors, poets and artists.


New Literary Essay

Darkly Bright Press is pleased to publish The Garden of Moral Delights, an original essay by Jonathan Golding.

The Ancient Modern

Feast of Books by Joshua Alan Sturgill.

The Pilgrimage

_PNT-bannerThe second installment of a new poetic series by Phillip Neal Tippin, the author of Ordinary Time.

Machen Studies

machen-webFor December, we offer the third chapter from Machen’s enigmatic memoirs, Far Off Things (1922).

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