Weekly Machen & A New Fairy Tale

New Prose & Poetry

Pamela Bruns offers a new fairy tale, The Three Youths. In this piece, she successfully weaves theological parable into a childlike tale of wonder.

Timing by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Weekly Machen

arthur-1920wToday, we begin a new series focused on the journalism of Arthur Machen. Far from being banal hackwork, Machen’s large body of articles reflects his desire to seek the ecstatic and wonderful in all things. A new article will posted every Thursday. In addition, Machen Studies will become a space for longer meditations on the writer’s work, with postings on an irregular basis.

The 2021 Inklings Festival is continuing to garner interest. Two brief write-ups appeared in the latest issue of Machenalia, a newsletter of the Friends of Arthur Machen. An item also appeared on scholar Douglas A. Anderson’s site Tolkien and Fantasy.

Vanishing Limited Editions

Levavi Oculos by Arthur Machen: 1 copy remaining

One Is Found First (Hardcover, Limited & Signed) by Gaelan Gilbert: 5 copies remaining

A Secret Language by Arthur Machen: 9 copies remaining

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