Machen: One of the Happiest Days in My Life…

Rohlin,+Richard-1200wAkboritha Update: The second impression of Richard W. Rohlin’s Akboritha will be released at the upcoming Inklings Festival in Wichita, Kansas during the weekend of October 21-23, 2022. As one of the lecturers at the event, Richard will be available to sign copies. The book will be listed for online purchase by the first of November.

Low Stock: We are down to the final two copies of A Secret Language by Arthur Machen.


Seven Images of Opposition by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 11 by Phillip Neal Tippin


md22480022120Sir George Alexander: The circumstances were these. I had “gone on the stage” in middle life. 1 was painfully aware of my ignorances, awkwardnesses, incapacities in my new career, and of my age, in which all the joints both of mind and body are stiffened. With every gesture, every step, every word, I shuddered inwardly, learning that I was making a dreadful fool of myself. …

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