New Books for Autumn

Today the Sun descends
to embrace the Moon.

NMMP CoverDarkly Bright Press is pleased to present the second full-length poetry collection by Joshua Alan Sturgill. Now A Major Motion Picture is a voyage into the cosmic and intimate. His best work to date, Sturgill guides the reader across the thin boundaries between reality and illusion… mysticism and science… exile and home.

Now A Major Motion Picture will be released at the upcoming Inklings Festival in Wichita, Kansas during October 21-23. The poet will be present to sign copies.

From the new collection: Shatter (Read by Joshua Alan Sturgill)


Enclosed, Disguised by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 13 by Phillip Neal Tippin


The Library Table: I wish I could tell the tale of how the Leprecauns—fairy cobblers—laid an information before the local constabulary, how the beasts talked together, and how the fairy host and all the old gods of Ireland were mustered to set free the Philosopher from the custody of the police-sergeant; but space fails me. I can only say that here is a book enchanting and delightful and wise: go and buy it.

One thought on “New Books for Autumn

  1. Thanks for sharing Shatter. That vivid detail about the girl’s clothing at the end really sticks with you. It was only a few minutes after listening that I suddenly realized how much theology was packed into that image. Can’t wait to get the book.


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