Out of the Mist…

And here, though we are initiated in the mysteries,
we are assuredly not in the mists.”

M&M FrontMist and Mystery: Recovered Stories and Essays from Arthur Machen

We are ushered onto a new journey into unknown regions where wonders await, yet the path is narrow and fringed by veiled dangers. Fortunately for the reader, there are few guides as experienced or intriguing as Arthur Machen, a man of Gwent. In this new collection of rare tales and forgotten articles, Machen directs us through mist and mystery to “a secret path leading to an undiscovered country.”

In the tradition of classic collections such as Dog and Duck, Mist and Mystery is an open invitation to recover both enchantment and romance.

This new volume will be released at the upcoming Inklings Festival in Wichita, Kansas during October 21-23.


Eighteen Death Haiku by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 14 by Phillip Neal Tippin


In Bed with “The Flu”: I crawled painfully out of bed and tottered. I lit a pipe, and a rending, tearing cough began to crash through me. I held on to a chest of drawers, and the cough laid hold of me and possessed me and shook me to and fro; the pipe was clearly out of the question. I tried a cup of tea, and discovered that the cup held an intensely offensive fluid, of an evil flavour that ten old-fashioned apothecaries, with the nastiest drugs in the pharmacopœia at their service, could never possibly have obtained, not if each one of them had lived ten lives of mortal men.

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