Benjamin Rozonoyer

Benjamin Rozonoyer grew up in Boston in a family of Russian immigrants. From early on he developed an ear for poetry and love of literature. He received an M.S. in computational linguistics from Brandeis University and currently works in the industry. He lives with his wife in either Colorado or Massachusetts, cultivating poems and taking in local landscapes.

Poetry by Benjamin Rozonoyer 

Untitled (We always)  NEW
Norse Triptych
Untitled (Weary Wanderer)
As The Day Had Just Begun
The Hermit Speaks
Osip Mandelstam – Four New Translations
Snow Was General 
Homeric Musings 
Winter Musings 
Whale Wail 
Lermontov’s The Fugitive: A New Translation  
Upon Buying a Volume of Malory in Wyoming
Untitled (The tale gets told upstairs)
Untitled (The wild goose) 
Neath a canvas starry
Untitled (The scaling foot) 
Untitled (The eye looks which)