A Double Measure of Machen


M&M FrontThis week, we offer an article excerpted from the new collection, Mist and Mystery, in which Machen reviews a supernatural novel by Fr. R. H. Benson.

I should think that the author has mingled a good deal in the circles which hover about the foolish and forbidden and dangerous thing called “occult science.”


Who Are Awake by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 17 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Norse Triptych by Benjamin Rozonoyer

Jesse K. Butler has published a new poem: Too Much Morningtime. Congratulations!


arthur-1920wThe Pitiful Army: Here stuck out one boot with a ravel of string pretending to keep it in position. Here was an enamelled saucepan; another jolt and it would drop loose. And here were lace curtains, torn from some once cheerful window and huddled in with all the rest. And the homes where all these poor belongings once had their place are now ruins, with the marks of blood and fire upon them.

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